Adventurous training for Leeds duo


TWO Officer Cadets from Leeds are surer than ever that they want to join the Armed Forces after under-going adventurous training in the mountains.

Daniel Turner is pictured, left, with Malindi Rowley, both students at Leeds Beckett University during a training trip to Germany.

“We were thrown into an unknown environment and had to tackle the emotions of fear and panic and develop coping strategies,” said Malindi who was part of a group completing foundation skiing skills course in Bavaria earlier this month.

As well as learning a host of new skiing techiques, the cadet said he most enjoyed spending time alongside senior ranks.

“Getting to hear about each different regiment and how the military had affected their lives both professionally and personally has only made us want to join the Armed Forces more,” said Malindi who is part of Yorkshire Officers’ Training Regiment’s Leeds University Officer Training Corps.

Learn more about Leeds University Officer Training Corps here.


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