Air Cadets Achieve Bronze Level Leadership Standard


As part of the recent development of the progressive training syllabus, the Royal Air Force Air Cadets have introduced a four-tier structured leaderships syllabus: Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Having enjoyed success since the outset on the Blue level, cadets from 868 (Mirfield) Squadron recently joined with others from 127 (City of Wakefield) and 367 (South Sheffield) Squadrons to participate in the Bronze level course.

The course is run in two day-long parts: training and assessment. The training phase took place at the Mirfield Squadron HQ and included topics such as:

Why is leadership required?
Action centred (Functional) leadership
Styles of leadership
PICSIE (Plan, Initiate, Control, Support, Inform, Evaluate)
The need for self-reflection
Effective communication

Having completed the training phase, cadets were invited to attend the assessment day which was held at HQ South & West Yorkshire Wing. The assessment consisted of a short test of knowledge from the training phase and a series of leadership tasks, during which the cadets’ ability to put their learning into practice was assessed.

As a result, thirteen cadets from South and West Yorkshire successfully completed their assessment on the Bronze Leadership course and among those were nine cadets from Mirfield.
Among them was Cadet Mitchell Breare who commented: “The course was well organised, and on the first day the knowledge we needed to learn was well presented, which made it easy to understand. On the second day we started with a classroom test on what we had learned previously and afterwards we had a practical test. These were well prepared and although not impossible, they were not too easy to complete. The whole course was well structured and planned out, and the participants knew what they had to do.”

Report by Flight Lieutenant P Doubell, 868 (Mirfield) Squadron, South & West Yorkshire Wing ATC

Mirfield Air Cadets meet at the Air Cadet Centre in Mirfield on Huddersfield Road near the Stocks Bank Road junction, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. For more information please contact Flt Lt Peter Doubell on 01924 498 896 (parade evenings only). To learn more about the air cadets click here or to find your local unit here

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