Anzio Platoon Training Camp


As D company assembled at Deverall Barracks, a new idea was taking hold of the senior cadets, Anzio platoon. The companies best Cadet NCO’s taking responsibility for training the newest batch of cadets. 

The idea was simple – give the Recruits, and first time campers the best training that the NCO’s could provide. As a experienced Adult instructor I was given command of Anzio to make it run smoothly, at first I thought it may not work, but as soon as the NCO’s were given the idea they where chomping at the bit, and I knew this would be a success. 

Anzio was a comprehensive training camp for the recruits, covering most of the Basic Syllabus. The NCO’s planned new and exciting ways of training the recruits giving them introduction to patrolling lessons, a full physical work out, and precision drilling around Ripon’s monstrous Drill square. By the end of the weekend the NCO’s had developed their experiences of organising training and instructional ability, and all wanted to do Anzio next camp.

SI A Brook
Anzio platoon commander

Reserve Forces