Award-winning RAF reserve heads out on new deployment

Reservist in protective dress

Newly returned from Covid-testing in Manchester, award-winning Yorkshire RAF reserve Ben Massey is set for another deployment.

The 29-year-old aerospace engineering graduate from Leeming, was one of three reserves from RAF Leeming’s 609 Squadron that were part of a 41-strong contingent from the RAF carrying out mass Covid testing in the North West throughout February.

Now he has volunteered to be deployed again, and this time his role will be to provide air transport security at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

Time for the reserves

“I run my own business so I can devote more time to the reserves that many of my colleagues who have traditional full time jobs in addition to their military commitments,” said Ben, who has been with the RAF reserves for nearly five years.

While at Teeside University, Ben set up Stratobooster, a space launch engineering company based in Middlesborough.

As well as serving in in the military police, he also volunteers his time to RAF Leeming’s innovation hub, RAFX, which runs short projects aimed at introducing innovations and improvements to the station.

Recommended for award

His contribution to the hub was recognised recently by a commendation from the Royal Aeronautical Society after he was recommended for the award by senior officers at RAF Leeming.

“The reserves has given me lots of opportunities,” said Ben.

“I enjoy working alongside people whose jobs and backgrounds in the civilian world are so different to mine. It’s given me a chance to develop skills, meet new people and explore new career possibilities.”

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