Cadet Adult Volunteers


The success of the cadet forces is highly dependent on its ability to attract and retain sufficient numbers of suitable cadet adult volunteers with the enthusiasm to motivate and train the cadets.  Adult volunteers fall into two categories: Adult Instructors (AIs), who directly train the cadets, and officers, who have a more supervisory and leadership role.  Adult volunteers do not necessarily have any military background and come from all walks of life.  Within Yorkshire alone there are approximately 2,000 volunteers at work.

Becoming an adult volunteer is a great opportunity to be part of a prestigious and popular youth organisation, which takes great pride in offering youngsters opportunities that may otherwise not be available to them.  All adult volunteers will be rewarded with training, personal development, an enhanced CV and immense satisfaction from being part of the cadet movement.  Enthusiasm and aptitude are the hallmarks of our adult instructors, who are all committed to offering cadets whole-hearted support and encouragement.

Volunteers benefit from many experiences of their own and have the opportunity to play a leading role in various activities.  For instance, in July 2010, a group of Yorkshire instructors had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a four week expedition to the Himalayan mountain range as part of the cadet movements’ 150th anniversary celebrations.  More usually, adult instructors all have the opportunity to acquire First Aid qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme passes and diplomas and graduate level qualifications in public service through the BTEC scheme.

To find out more please download the Job Description at the top of this page or contact:

Sea Cadets – T: 01400 266413
Army Cadets (Humberside & South Yorkshire) – T: 01377 253548
Army Cadets (North & West Yorkshire) – T: 01904 490529
Air Cadets (Central & East Yorkshire) – T: 01347 847425
Air Cadets (South & West Yorkshire) – T: 01977 604691

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