Commanders report on cadets to RFCA

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Cadet units across all three services are predicting a bounce-back in cadet numbers once in-person training resumes.

However, there is concern that cadet force adult volunteer numbers may struggle to recover with the Air Cadets in Yorkshire and the Humber warning of a potential fall in numbers of between eight and 16 per cent. Though the Air Cadets’ Regional Command for the North Region, Group Captain Mark Leeming,  said there were plans to address this shortfall by using staff cadets and civilian instructors to plug any gaps.

Cadet camps

The RFCA’s Joint Cadet Forum chaired by Colonel David Fuller heard reports from representatives from senior commanders representing the Sea Cadets, Army Cadet Force and the Air Cadet Corps across the region.

The meeting heard both Yorkshire (North and West) ACF and Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF have begun planning for annual camp this summer but will hear from regional command in a few weeks if these events have got the go-ahead to take place. Eastern Area Sea Cadets have ruled out any summer camps taking place until the end of the summer, if at all.

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