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Our network has always provided employers with the information and support required to employ reservists. Support includes providing information on legal rights and responsibilities as an employer; reservists and training commitments and how they can affect employers; and guidance on how to get the best out of your reservist employee. 

As a direct result of Government objectives outlined within the White paper “Reserves in the future Force 2020 – Valuable and Valued” issued in July 2013, the SaBRE Campaign is now run by the Ministry of Defence’s Relationship Management (DRM) Team..

We continue to offer and provide information on all aspects of employing reservists. The Regional Employment Engagement Directors (REEDs) continue to be the first point of contact for employers, but will also be communicating with businesses on a number of additional Defence related areas on behalf of DRM, such as Training, Education, Skills, Recruiting and Resettlement, and Career Transition and Partnerships between Defence and British organisations. Click here to find out more about the DRM Team.

Our aim is to help companies and organisations understand the importance of their reservists, the extra skills and abilities a reservist will bring to their organisation and then encourages them to show their support by becoming a ‘Supportive Employer’.

Supportive Employers

Many employers are recognised as ‘Supportive Employers’ throughout the year and as part of the new direction and future partnering of the MoD and Regional Business we have a new Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). This Scheme looks to reward and recognise organisations who support Reservists and take a positive stance for existing or prospective employees.  For more details please go to our Employer Recognition Scheme page.


All members of the Reserve Forces undergo rigorous training which develops valuable skills like leadership, teamwork, effective communication and organisational ability. This can lead to improved performance in the workplace, with transferable attributes that include the ability to work under pressure, reliability, self-confidence and a determination to succeed.

If you have recently become a reservist employer or would like to find out more about how we can assist you, please contact Richard Lenton, Regional Employer Engagement Director in Yorkshire, on 01904 615543 or visit the DRM Website.

Exercise Executive Stretch

Every year we invite supportive employers form across the region to send their employees on Exercise Executive Stretch which gives their staff the opportunity to learn some of the leadership skills used by the British Armed Forces.  For more information visit our Exercise Executive Stretch page.

Reservist Job Site

Our sister RFCA in the South East has started a trial website to fit reservists with reserve-friendly employers.  Ex-Military personnel and Veterans may also apply for jobs on the site.

If found to be successful, this initiative will be used all over the United Kingdom.  First, we need to check that there are enough interested reservists, ex-military and veterans out there!

If you are interested please visit www.jobs4reservists.org.uk or call 01252 357616.


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