Freshers students get a taste of life as an officer cadet


Student Matt Dougherty was among the British Army officer cadets giving Leeds freshers a taste of what the Yorkshire Universities Officer Training Regiment (YOTR) has to offer.

At a socially-distanced event at Leeds’ Carlton Barracks, Matt joined other officer cadets to showcase to potential recruits the activities and training they can access by joining the regiment.

Best university society

The 20-year-old third-year maths student said: “The Officer Training Regiment is without the doubt one of the best university societies you can join.

“There’s no other club where you can learn new skills, travel the world, have outdoor adventures and get paid to do it.

“I’ve had opportunities that I’d never have had if it weren’t for the regiment and I’ll be telling the freshers all about the ski training I’ve been able to enjoy which has been a highlight of my time with the regiment.”

Freshers were invited in small groups to walk via a one-way system around a series of stalls erected in the drill hall showing different aspects of the regiment’s training – ranging from skiing and mountain-biking to sport and map-reading, first-aid and fieldcraft.

Safe but authentic military experience

Commanding Officer, Lt Col Julian Salusbury, said:  “The coming academic year looks set to be one of the busiest for us in many ways because more students than ever before are signing up to join us.

“We’ve put a lot of planning into developing activities that we can deliver in a way that ensures all our students are protected but, at the same time, enables them to get to do the things they really enjoy.

“Our priority is to deliver a safe but authentic military experience for them.”

Finding out more

To find out more about joining the Yorkshire Officer Training Regiment, contact:

For Leeds, York and Hull universities:

Leeds UOTC:  Capt Richard Booth (PSAO) 

[email protected]

01904 668631

For Sheffield universities:

Sheffield UOTC:  Capt Sam Rodgers (PSAO)

[email protected]

0114 2526315/6/7

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