Looking ‘Beyond the ACF’ with Charlie Company


March saw Humberside & South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force Adult Instructor, Acting Under Officer (AUO) Shaun Bennett, of C Company deliver a completely new piece of senior Cadet training during the Company’s final camp of the year.

The new course has been designed to be very interactive and it gets the Cadets working together, encourages them to stand up and speak in front of their peers and puts them into live interview situations.  At this first session, the Cadets interviewed adult instructors ranging from a new Potential Instructor (PI) right up to the Deputy Commandant.

Under Officer Bennett told us why the course, entitled ‘Beyond the ACF’ was put together. “We want to give the Cadets a truly impartial insight into their further education and career options” Bennett said. “To help these young adults understand how the skills that generally follow a Military theme can be translated into ‘Civvie speak’ and applied to their CV’s. We aim to get them to think about these skills in a completely new way.”

“As an adult volunteer instructor my primary interest is that our Cadets achieve the very best possible outcome from their time with us. We want to see them leave the ACF with their eyes wide open as far as their options and opportunities are concerned, not just leave us with a range of skills that most other 18-year-olds will not have and have no idea of how best to apply them.”

AUO Bennett concludes his overview by explaining that introducing elements of work readiness to Cadets at the right time will ensure that they will be much better prepared when that important first interview comes along.

Article and image provided by AUO Shaun Bennett, Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force.

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