Medals for Yorkshire reservists deployed to Afghanistan


Reservists from 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment have each been awarded Afghan campaign medals at a ceremony at Catterick Garrison after being deployed to Kabul as part of Operation Toral.

Sixteen reservists from 4YORKS joined 16 reservists from the 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (4 LANCS) to support regular soliders from the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment – together forming a 500-strong battlegroup.

Reservists combine military duties with full-on jobs and lives in civvy street and among the reservists who went to Afghanistan from Yorkshire were a bar worker, a cinema manager, two NHS workers and an IT specialist.

Pictured from left to right with their medals are: Lance Corporal Tom Stewart, from Hull who is a recruiter for the British Army, Lance Corporal Lee Howard Collier of Hull and Private Matthew Neal, of Hull, who is a teacher at Acre Heads Primary School in Alnaby and Private Alexander Pilkington, from Barnsley, who works at Barnsley Academy Secondary School.

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