New gym sees reservist numbers soar


AN ARMY reserve centre in Yorkshire has seen recruitment soar after an £100,000 investment by the RFCA to improve its building.

The RFCA paid for a new gym, offices and storage facilities at Minden House in Pontefract.

Now that reservists have a better environment in which to train, the unit has seen numbers more than double from 32 before the development to their current level of 72.

“It’s quite a new Company and the Army’s aim is to increase our numbers to 107 over the next few years,” said Captain Gary Case, of 8 RIFLES who is based full-time at Minden House.

“The new facilities have not only helped our efforts to recruit reservists but just as importantly, they’ve made a big difference to helping us retain reservists too.

“All our reservists need to be fit and this is where they can undergo some of their military fitness training.”

Chief Executive of the RFCA for Yorkshire and The Humber Jason Wright said: “Our reservists are all committed to working out and retaining high fitness levels. That means great gym facilities are essential and play a big part in helping the Army recruit and retain high-quality individuals.

“I am delighted that our investment in new facilities in Pontefract has played such a big role in helping 8 RIFLES grow in numbers.  It is already providing a hugely valuable unit and we looking forward to watching it continue to grow and thrive over the years to come.”

Picture caption:  In uniform is Captain Gary Case of 8 RIFLES with reservists working out in Minden House’s new gym.

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