Read School CCF – Cadets Autumn Training Camp


For the new Cadets in Year 8 this was the first experience of a Cadet Camp. During the weekend they completed their Heart Start qualification covering first aid scenario’s such as how to deal with an unconscious casualty and how to perform CPR.

Many of the Cadets enjoyed the practical training they got on how to deal with a choking casualty, this involved one of the senior Cadets from the Contingent wearing the choking vest training aid which indicates to students where the back slaps should be placed and to practice abdominal thrusts.

The training also included some basic bandaging skills. Cadet Georgia Beaumont said “I liked doing the bandages and wrapping people up”.

The Year 9 cadets completed their dry training on the L98 A2 Cadet Rifle, following the training the cadets got to practice their marksmanship skills in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT), which is an electronic range where the cadets are required to operate the rifle using the drills they have been taught.

Cadet Flynn Kelly was looking forward to his time on the DCCT and said “I am hoping to get a good grouping using the DCCT as it is more comfortable than shooting on a live range”.

On the Sunday the Cadets took part in initiative exercise and learnt leadership skills including communication and team work.

The Cadets had a full and active weekend and they all completed the weekend having gained new skills which they can use in future cadet activities.

Report written by Charlotte Bridges, Read School CCF

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) was created in 1948 and is a unique extra-curricular partnership between the Ministry of Defence and more than 250 schools throughout the country – 11 of which are based in Yorkshire and The Humber. 

If you require more information regarding the training weekend or Read School CCF please contact the Contingent Commander, Major Chris Terry on [email protected]

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