Reserves train for new job-related fitness test

troops carry jerry cans

Reservists from across Yorkshire are gearing up for new tests designed to check they are fit enough for the role they do.

A new physical employment standards were introduced in 2019 and the region’s army reservists will begin taking the tests this month).  

 “The tests have been developed by sports specialists from Chichester University and can be adapted to specific roles,” said Warrant Officer Glenn Bloomer, a reservist who is the Royal Army Physical Training instructor for 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment.

Troops training

“For example, army vets or medics have different physical job requirements than an infantry soldier.

“Our troops have been training for months and we plan to begin the roll-out of formal testing in the next week or so.

Bespoke fitness support

“The role of my team is to provide bespoke fitness support for all our reserves so that they can identify any areas they need to work on and to develop a training regime that produces the results they need.”

Under the new test, reserves and regulars need to meet the same fitness standard for the role.

The test for reserves from 4 YORKS covers six tasks:

Task 1: Loaded march

Troops doing loaded walk

Marching four kilometres carrying equipment weighing 40 kilos within 50 minutes, followed by a further two kilometres carrying 25 kilos in 15 minutes.

Task 2: Fire and movement

Reserve crawling with rifle

Doing 20 7.5-metre timed tactical bounds followed by a 15-metre crawl and 15-metre sprint in 55 seconds.

Task 3: Casualty drag

reservist dragging a dead weight

Dragging a 110-kilo bag over 20 metres in 35 seconds, to simulate evacuating a soldier from a battlefield.

Task 4: Jerry can carry

Reserve walking with two jerry cans

Carrying two 22-kilo cans over 240 metres in four minutes – to simulate moving with a stretcher.

Task 5: Vehicle casualty evacuations

Lifting a 75-kilo weight and holding for three seconds – to simulate lifting a casualty into a vehicle.

Task 6: Repeated lift and carry

Shifting bags weighting 20 kilos 20 times over a 30-metre distance in 14 minutes.

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