Sea Cadet Volunteer Springs into First Aid Action


A volunteer from the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) stepped into first aid action recently when he stumbled upon an assault in progress.

Keith Jeffery from Castleford was en route to a friend’s wedding in Bradford when the drama unfolded. Keith takes up the story below:

“On the evening of Saturday 29th December 2018, I prepared to go to a friend’s wedding reception in Bradford. I was travelling by bus from Castleford so packed my rucksack to stay overnight after the reception. I noticed my first aid kit was in there and decided that you never know what might happen so it’s best to take it with me.

Upon arrival in Bradford I had some time to spare so decided to walk the mile to the venue. As I got closer I heard screams and shouts of pain which turned out to be four adult males beating up a teenager with metal weapons. Luckily as I approached the scene they ran away, leaving the barely conscious young lad staggering. My first aid training immediately kicked in and I remembered I had packed my first aid kit, freshly restocked with latex gloves. I put them on started to check him over looking for any penetrating wounds whilst asking him for his details and making sure he was not on any blood thinning medication.

Another passer by approached and called for an ambulance and the police. He handed me his phone so I could describe the condition of the young lad to the ambulance service. I sat the lad down on my rucksack and held him upright as I was worried if he lay down he might go unconscious and increase pressure to his already serious head wounds.

I continued to check him over whilst looking into his eyes and checking his responses to questions for signs of possible brain injury until the police and ambulance arrived to take over first aid duties.
Thankfully the lad survived his ordeal. I have no idea what would have happened if I wasn’t passing or how well it would have gone if I had not had my first aid kit with me.

Since becoming a volunteer with the SCC I have learnt essential communication, leadership and of course first aid skills. Undoubtedly these skills enabled me to take charge of the situation. If it weren’t for the training I received I wouldn’t have known what to do.

You can learn so much by being a volunteer and indeed a cadet in the cadet forces. I would encourage all young people and adults to sign up, you won’t regret it.”

Petty Officer Keith Jeffery from Castleford has been a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer for over five years and was appointed Officer in Charge of the Castleford Sea Cadet detachment two years ago.

Whether at sea or on land Sea Cadets offers young people between 10 and 18 an environment where they can find confidence and inspiration, through nautical adventure. Across the UK 14,000 young people are challenging themselves and learning new skills based on the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy to give them the best possible head start in life.

Castleford Sea Cadets parade on Mondays and Fridays, 7.00pm – 9.00pm, for further information please call 01400 266413 or email [email protected]

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