Social Team Building for Mirfield Air Cadets


The start of the year saw cadets from 868 (Mirfield) Squadron in some very different team building activities.

Flying Officer Felicia Doubell was keen to give the cadets some new off-Squadron team building and social activities, and researched a couple of opportunities in the nearby area.

First up was LaserZone in Huddersfield for the younger cadets. Laserzone had a large playing area set up as a futuristic town, with its own facilities such as a police station, church and power station. Cadets fought a series of ‘battles’ in the town that made for an evening of well-earned games and team building!

Congratulations to Cadet Sachen Pathak who was the overall winner. On average he was top scorer over all three games. We also celebrated the birthday of Corporal Alex Irving with some cake.

Felicia was also anxious to find an opportunity for the older Non-Commissioned Officer (NCOs) cadets from the Squadron. Go-karting at Teamsport in Leeds was chosen. They market themselves as having “580 metres of jaw-dropping straights, hair-raising bridges, and awesome tunnels that will go down in history as the most fun you have had with a helmet on.” As the NCOs have an adventurous spirit and many of the older ones are drivers, or learning to drive, this was an ideal activity for them and they all had a fabulous time.

Flying Officer Doubell said “This was a really fun and exciting evening for everyone, not only having a competitive, social evening out but also an essential part of building an effective team!”

Squadron commander Flight Lieutenant Peter Doubell said of the events “These activities all sound like they are just good fun, but they bring real benefits in terms of team building and helping the cadets at various levels to gel together, all whilst they’re enjoying themselves.”

Report by Flight Lieutenant P Doubell, 868 (Mirfield) Squadron, South & West Yorkshire Wing ATC

Pictured Cadet Matthew Devine Taxying along the runway

Mirfield Air Cadets meet at the Air Cadet Centre in Mirfield on Huddersfield Road near the Stocks Bank Road junction, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. For more information please contact Flt Lt Peter Doubell on 01924 498 896 (parade evenings only). To learn more about the air cadets click here

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