Three outstanding cadets honoured by Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant


Three teenagers have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Cadet Forces by being awarded the highest honour a cadet from any service can receive – appointment as a Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet.

The role means the cadets will assist Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire Andrew Coombe Esq. in his duties for the coming year. Their appointment was made at a special ceremony in Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield.

Also recognised were three Cadet Force Adult Volunteers who were honoured for their dedication to the Cadet Forces and the difference they make to young people in their detachments.

The Lord-Lieutenant said:

“The cadet movement has a transformative impact on the lives of young people and I am delighted to be able to recognise three truly inspirational cadets who have grasped all the opportunities that being a cadet has given them and emerged as fantastic role models. I am looking forward to them joining me on many of my duties in the year ahead.”

The cadets are:

  • Chloe Feirn, (right) aged 16, of Thorne, Doncaster, a Leading Cadet with Thorne Sea Cadets.
  • Kiera McKenna, (centre) aged 16, of Clowne, a Sergeant in the Army Cadet Force at Manor Top Detachment in Sheffield.
  • Jamie Butler, (left) aged 17, of Penistone, Sheffield, a Cadet Flight Sergeant with 148 (Barnsley) Squadron of the Air Training Corps.

Chloe Feirn

After joining the cadets in 2015, Chloe has achieved qualifications in catering, first-aid and piping as well as a range of waterborne qualifications. She is the first cadet in her detachment to reach the rank of Leading Cadet in many years and, after completing a BTEC in Applied Science at Selby College, aims to become a medic in the Royal Navy. 

She was nominated by Sea Cadet Commander Keith Bingham. He said:

“Chloe is a cadet who puts in the effort to encourage others around her to achieve bigger and better things.

“She spends time with the young cadets and gives them encouragement and advice when needed. She is the standard to which we aspire for all our cadets.”

Chloe said:

“I was painfully shy when I first joined the cadets but it helped me make new friends and really boosted my confidence.

“I am so honoured to be a Lord Lieutenant Cadet and feel I should use my new position to inspire others in my unit to aim to get where I am today.”


Kiera McKenna

Kiera joined the Army Cadet Force in 2015 and has risen through the ranks to be appointed Sergeant earlier this year. She has represented the detachment in rugby, cross country and athletics and acts as a cadet instructor, helping younger cadets to learn the ropes. She is a pupil at City College, Sheffield, where she is studying childcare.

She was nominated by Officer Commanding, Major Shaun Flanagan. He said:

“She is an outstanding young person and her loyalty to her cadet career is second to none. Her diligence and support for others makes her a valued member of not only within her own detachment but across the Army Cadet Force in the region.”

Kiera said:

“I have loved the travelling I’ve done and the friendships I’ve made in the cadets. The opportunities I have been given have been amazing and I’ve developed so many new skills that I know will help me throughout life.

“I couldn’t be more honoured to have been appointed as a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet and am determined to carry out the role in a way that inspires younger cadets in my unit.”


Jamie Butler

Jamie joined his squadron four years ago and has not only achieved a range of qualifications including shooting, first-aid and leadership, he has also taken part in many fund-raising initiatives to support community causes. He is a pupil at Penistone Grammar School where he is studying history, politics and maths.

He was nominated for the Lord-Lieutenant’s award by Squadron Leader Andy Williams.

 He said: “Jamie is an outstanding cadet who is dedicated and committed to doing a great job in the Air Cadets.

“Not only does he commit to the squadron very heavily and fundraises for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and many other charities as an Air Cadet, Jamie also fundraises himself in various ways, He is an inspiration for other cadets.”

Jamie said: “I am very proud to have been chosen as a Lord-Lieutenant Cadet and am hugely grateful to the squadron staff for all the opportunities that have led to this. I’m looking forward to all the new experiences this new role will give me as well as meeting lots of new and interesting people during the course of my duties.”

As well as the cadets, three Cadet Force Adult Volunteers were also honoured for the contribution to the cadet forces.

They were:

  • Tom Horsfield, of Sheffield, a Company Sergeant Major at D Company, based at Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield
  • Stuart Ensor, of Low Ackworth, Pontefract, a retired Flight Lieutenant who was regional chair of South and West Yorkshire Wing Air Training Corps until 2018.
  • Mick Caunter, of Askern, a Warrant Officer with 2357 (Goole) Squadron, Air Training Corps.

The Lord-Lieutenant said:

“The cadet movement depends for its success on the commitment and dedication of its adult instructors who volunteer their time so generously. For this reason, I am pleased to be able to recognise three outstanding instructors who have played a pivotal role in helping ensure the young people in their units enjoy a huge range of activities and develop new skills and friendships.

“Employers across South Yorkshire are increasingly doing their bit to recognise and support the contribution of our cadet force adult volunteers. I am delighted that some of our employers are here tonight and offer them my thanks for all they do for both cadet force adult volunteers and reservists. Both our adult instructors and our reservists are amazing citizens who contribute to our nation twice over and deserve fair and supportive employers like yourselves.”

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