Yorkshire cadets head to the Rock


CADETS from across Yorkshire headed to Gibraltar for a 10-day Easter training camp. 

Pictured above are seven of the cadets with the Commander of British Forces in Gibraltar, Commodore Tim Henry who arrived to watch them undergo Training in Built-up Areas (TIBUA) at a cliff-top military camp.

“It’s a wonderful experience for the cadets to come away from the UK and get a taste of military life in such a southerly part of Europe,” said Tim, who is pictured above right with Lieutenant Colonel Steve Emerson, Acting Commandant Yorkshire North and West Army Cadet Force (Yorks N&W ACF). 

“They’ve been given a chance to experience some of the rich military history of Gibraltar, understand its strategic importance, learn new skills and make friends. It will be an experience they will never forget.”

The 45 cadets from Yorks N&W ACF and the Combined Cadet Force of York’s Queen Ethelburga’s school enjoyed a packed programme of activities including water sports, museum visits and shooting.

They were accompanied by 13 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers as well as two members of the Cadet Training Team 4th Infantry Brigade.

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