Yorkshire North & West Army Cadet Attends National Senior Cadet Conference


Over the weekend of 16-18 November Cadet Company Serjeant Major (CSM) Jack Goode (17) represented Yorkshire North & West Army Cadet Force at the annual Senior Cadet Conference held at Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre in Camberley.

Senior Cadets from all over the country are invited to attend and CSM Jack Goode from E(THE RIFLES) Company was thrilled to be given the honour to represent his county.

CSM Goode reported the following. After a long trip down to Frimley Park the weekend started with team building exercises with a coach from the army women’s rugby team, to break the ice and get us all acquainted with each other. Then after breakfast the next morning we got right into the conference where we were split into groups, our task was to answer 6 questions about the future of the ACF.

In our groups we discussed the questions, each contributing our own ideas and thoughts and then presented our conclusions to our peers and senior officers of the ACF.

We were all privileged to attend a seminar during the weekend given by the Regimental Sergeant Major from the Royal Military College Sandhurst about leadership.  It was also very interesting to listen to a presentation given by last year’s national champion cadet.

Overall it was a great opportunity to see how other counties operated compared to us and to share valuable ideas on how we can all work to improve the experience that each cadet has. Our mission on leaving the conference was to arrange a meeting with our own Commandants to report back our findings.

I am looking forward to discussing everything I gained from the Conference with Yorkshire North & West Commandant Colonel Jim Greenlee during our winter camp in December. I would like to thank the ACF for giving me this opportunity to take part in a very inspirational conference.”

Report by Serjeant Mary Hood E (THE RIFLES) Company, Yorkshire North & West Army Cadet Force
Photo courtesy of Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre and shows CSM Jack Goode presenting his group’s ideas 

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