Yorkshire N&W ACF on Target in Pirbright


Five lucky Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV’s) from Yorkshire North & West ACF, jumped at the chance to attend the National Army Cadet Force/Combined Cadet Force Target Rifle Coaching Course which was held at Pirbright Training Camp in Surrey recently.
The Target Rifle (TR) Coaching Course is an intense five day course with the aim of producing CFAV’s with the required skills to carry out TR training back at their home counties. The course includes the theory behind target rifle coaching as well as lots of practical, hands-on experience.

The course has some of the most seasoned and experienced coaches throughout the ACF world  and the experience and skills they bring to the course is immense. One of the course candidates, 2nd Lieutenant (2nd Lt) James Smith said “The staff on the course were all fantastically supportive and had so much knowledge between them, it was so beneficial to receive their help and advice for the real-world application of what we were learning.”

Unfortunately, due to maintenance contracts, the Cadet Target Rifles were still being maintained and the number of rifles available for the course was significantly less than in previous years. One participant commented that “It was actually quite a good thing, because these are the obstacles we will need to get through this year. We will have less than the usual number of Target Rifles at county level, and the course having less rifles gave us new ideas and ways to get around the issues back at our counties.”

At the end of the week, the adult instructors entered two National CCRS Matches. 2nd Lt Smith managed to achieve second place in the Sir Montagu Stopford Match, scoring 44.3 out of 50 at 300 metres, and 43.2 at 500 metres, achieving 87.5 out of 100 overall and earning himself a silver medal. The winner of the Sir Montague Stopford trophy scored 88.4 out of 100, showing how close the competition was.

2nd Lt Smith and 2nd Lt Billie Grisdale also left the course achieving a team silver medal each for coming in second place in the pairs match.

“It’s great to be able to leave with winning something, after what has already been a brilliant 12 months”.

2nd Lt Smith had a successful year as a coach with Yorkshire’s top shot, Colour Sergeant Abbey Chapman who achieved 15th Place in the Cadet 100 at Bisley this year – earning herself an invite to the Imperial Meeting where she went onto win 2 Imperial Bars. “Colour Sergeant Chapman inspires cadets and adults alike with her brilliant shooting skills, and I’m looking forward to her returning as an adult to join in the coaching of the next generation of shooters.”

Report By Lt Ian Major, Yorkshire North & West Army Cadet Force

If  you want to aim higher, feel more confident and get a head start on your future. If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming an army cadet or adult volunteer, call 01904 490529 or visit https://armycadets.com/county/yorkshire-north-and-west-acf/ alternatively enquire at your local detachment.

Photo (L-R), AUO Andy Williams, 2nd Lt James Smith, 2nd Lt Emily Garner (Essex ACF) 2nd Lt Billie Grisdale, AUO Andy Greenwood, 2nd Lt Rob Sinclair.

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