Yorkshire Officers’ Training Regiment Annual Dinner


Yorkshire Officer Training Regiment (YOTR) hosted its first ever regimental dinner at Cutlers’ Hall in Sheffield recently.

In previous year’s the separate units of Leeds University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) and Sheffield UOTC which make up the YOTR have hosted their own events. All the officer cadets had an amazing time celebrating the achievements of the past year alongside members of staff and alumni.

Honoured guests included Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Andrew Coombe Esq., and Sheffield Master Cutler, Mr Kenneth Cooke.

The marvellous venue has been used for previous contingent dinners and once again didn’t disappoint and maintained its high reputation, providing excellent food and service. It is a truly unique experience for the officer cadets to attend a black-tie dinner in a hall that has such a prominent history within Sheffield.

During the meal, the highly professional Woodhouse Brass Band filled Cutlers Hall with wonderful music being played in the gallery above the tables.

Towards the close of the evening, YOTR Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Nick Thom addressed the room, mentioning a few highlights of the year so far and what the officer cadets have to look forward to in the future. Mr Coombe then followed with his motivational speech before some entertainment was provided by 2nd Lieutenant Raquet.

The challenge of organising the night came down to Sheffield PSAO, Captain Chris Hosty, along with Second Lieutenant Wright. They both took on the task with enthusiasm and produced an entertaining evening which will be remembered for many years to come.

Report and picture provided by 2Lt Luke Raquet, YOTR.

The University Officers’ Training Corps (UOTC) is an Army Reserve unit, but it’s not unlike a university society. The UOTC gives students the chance to develop their leadership skills and take part in rigorous military training. Their focus is to develop the leadership abilities of their members whilst giving them an opportunity to take part in military life whilst at university. Students are under no obligation to join the military once they finish their academic career.  

Leeds University Officers’ Training Corps (LUOTC) together with Sheffield University Officers’ Training Corps (SUOTC) is part of Yorkshire Officers’ Training Regiment (YOTR). The combined strength of the two UOTCs in one regiment ensures Officer Cadets get broader access to training, sports and adventurous training.

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