Royal Marines Reserve (Royal Marines Reserve Detachment Leeds)

Royal Marine Reserves

As a Royal Marines Reservist, you’ll be one of about 600 people who combine their civilian day jobs with serving part-time as fully trained Commandos. Most have no previous military experience. What they have in common is that they’re all volunteers.

Like the regular Royal Marines Commandos, you’ll be trained to operate in any location, environment and terrain.  As a Reservist, you’ll complete exactly the same rigorous commando course as the regular Royal Marines. They do not make allowances and there are no favours given. As a result though, you’ll be able to do the same job to the same standard. The proof is that roughly 10% of the Royal Marines Reserve are currently serving on long-term attachments in regular Royal Marine units.

If you want to see the sort of things involved, here’s a short video-taster of the Royal Marines Reserve in training!

Royal Marines Reserve Merseyside has its Yorkshire Detachment in Leeds

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Leeds Detachment, Carlton Barracks, Leeds LS7 1HE



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